I Should Always Celebrate Christmas on Dec. 30

So . . . when we returned back to Shoreline House, Christmas was still unofficially still going for my family.

Mainly, because we had left almost all of our presents behind at home.  (In a locked closet with the treadmill, actually.  I was mad paranoid that someone would break into the house while we were gone.)

We also had a freezer full of holiday food that I had purchased just in case it snowed and we needed to produce a holiday feast for Dec. 25.

In other words, the carols were still playing, the chestnuts still roasting.  I took William and Eleanor out to get the free paperwhite bulbs they were offered as members of the Junior Gardeners’ Club at Sky Nursery, and . . . this happened:

2013-12-30 14.20.47

It’s a christmas tree hat!  I’m still regretting not buying it (75% off!  I should do all my holiday shopping on Dec. 30!).

Also this:

2013-12-30 14.39.06

It’s a Santa cookie, darnit!  Not “a butt,” as my friend Shannon described it.  Hey, bakers have to do SOMEthing with an upside-down heart cookie cutter!

2013-12-30 18.54.45 2013-12-30 19.02.22 2013-12-30 19.16.51

And so, with the grand Opening of the Presents, I was able to officially declare Christmas o–


–oh, wait.  And then we invited friends over for a big ham dinner on Jan. 3rd.  Sheesh, the holidays will NEVER END!

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