Drummin’ and Pianoin’

Jeffrey had his very first band concert this week. I’m so proud of him! My eardrums have taken a lot of abuse with our early-morning practice sessions, but it’s been worth it.

The band’s big number was “Let’s Go Band,” a song which the music teacher described as “something they will play every year in band for the next eight years.” True that — even I recognized the melody to this song from high school pep rallies. Apparently, Jeff was the only 5th grader this year who wanted to play percussion, so the music teacher joined him to help out with the bass drum and cymbal.  I love how Jeff danced along with the song. Points for originality, Jeffrey-do!

Meanwhile, Eleanor once again prepared two songs for the Washington state piano adjudications program. It’s been difficult to motivate Eleanor to practice well, so her performance was kind of shaky. In the video below, she’s doing a practice performance at her piano teacher’s house, and the performance is very shaky. She did much better at home, trust me.

Her first piece is “Allegretto,” which was very difficult to learn, since it requires more independent hand movement than anything she’s played before. The second piece is “The Fly’s Adventure,” which she loves playing, fast. It look a lot to rein her in.

I wasn’t able to attend the piano adjudications in person, but Brian told me she did very well. So well, that she got an honorable mention for the Honors performance. Yay!

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