Katie’s Guide to Pronunciation

Back in fall, Katie looked up at our first cloudy gray sky of the season and gasped. “Where did the blue sky go?” she wailed.

You can imagine how pleased she is that the sunshine of springtime is back.

“The clouds have opened up the sky,” she told me. “I am making the sunshine with my eyes!”

Making sunshine with her eyes? I asked her to demonstrate, and she made this face:

Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset

Pretty awesome, and one of my favorite Katie-isms. Here are a few more:

“person” = purse

“pillow” = a pill (specifically, a vitamin)

“traintrack” = soundtrack, as in “Can we listen to the Frozen traintrack?” We all call it the “traintrack” now.

“hangabah” = hamburger

“Star Work” = Star Wars (and the characters are referred to as the “Star workers”)

“elliepop” = lollipop

“alligator” = escalator/elevator

“dictionary” = air conditioner. This one too me forever to figure out, with many requests for “turn on the dictionary, I am hot” coming from the backseat of the car

“neck-a-lace” = necklace. Not too difficult to figure out, but I love the extra syllable

“hand nocklers” = making binoculars with her hands. When we drive in the car, she often points things out by saying “Look at that! I can see it with my hand nocklers!”


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