Berries & Adventure Playground II

We had an adventure on the Eastside this past Thursday.

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The blueberries are in season now, so we drove out to the Larsen Lake blueberry farm to pick some. This is a farm owned and managed by the city of Bellevue as a preservation of the city’s agrarian heritage. Or something. Whatever, the berries are $1.20 a pound when you pick them yourself!

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My basket is the square one.

Katie executed another brilliant reenactment of Blueberries for Sal. Eleanor took time to show me when her pail had enough berries inside that it no longer went “kerplink, kerplank, kerplunk.” William was also a great berry-picker, constantly giving me updates on where the best caches of berries were.

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I was never able to convince Katie that she shouldn’t eat any.

Jeff was the one to get tired and ask to home this time. Ah, well, I’ve kind of given up on keeping all four happy at any given time.

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We made this blueberry pie today (Sunday) with our harvest. We’ve also made jam, pancakes, and ice cream with our berries. Muffins are next on the berry agenda.

After paying for our load (some 9-10 pounds!) we visited friends who have just had a new baby, and gave them some of our berry stash.

Then on the way home, we stopped to check up on our fort at the Mercer Island adventure playground. It was still standing just fine (William noticed that “something fell into my trap, but escaped!”). We spent an hour or so adding more rungs to the lookout ladder, and piled sticks on the front to make a camouflage wall. (This was my idea. Nobody else was that wild about it, but I refused to saw a dozen planks to make a slanty wall.)

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Sawing a new ladder rung

It’s great to see all the other forts springing up in the forest. We’ll have to make another visit sometime later this summer!

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Eleanor loves sitting up in the lookout.

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