Visit from St. Valentine

I like celebrating Valentine’s day as a family, instead of just as a couples-thing with Brian.

Once again, Eleanor and William had fun making crazy boxes for their classroom Valentines:


Eleanor’s is a big cobra “that has swallowed a Valentine” (it has a heart-shaped lump in its belly) and William’s is Sauron from Lord of the Rings. The eye is suspended with thread, which makes for a nice effect. We tried really hard to convince him to make the pupil in the eye a long, slit-shaped heart, but no luck. (But it would have been so cute!)


This year I hung up “heart stockings” for the kids and put the cards from their grandparents inside, along with a few other little treats. (Jeff doesn’t get candy from classmates this year, and I don’t want him to feel left out.) I think next year I’ll try to put in a card from me and Brian as well.


A mug from Grandma Kathryn


A Pokemon shirt for Wimmy! 
Mini flashlight for Jeff
Cool cards and candy from Gma Suzie

And, of course, we had our annual Valentine Fancy Meal at the end of the day. Red roses, baby’s breath, the Rat Pack — I love it. This year’s menu included lasagna, salad, a baguette, and of course the bubble champagne grape juice that the kids love. Only — this year we couldn’t get the cork out of one of the bottles. We tried a variety of tools, and I think the ultimate solution involved a screw and a hammer. Sheesh.


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