Life in Oblivion, or: Lo, What Nerds These Mortals Be

Last Sunday, Brian and I were doing peaceful, quiet things. I was knitting and reading, he was playing a computer game . . . and suddenly we heard a small series of explosions on the street outside.

Pop! Pop pop pop! Pop pop!

BROOKE: Do you hear that?

BRIAN: Yeah . . .

BROOKE: It sounds like firecrackers.

BRIAN: Yeah . . .

BROOKE: But why would someone set off —

BRIAN: — in early February —

BROOKE: — on a Sunday night —


BRIAN AND BROOKE: Ohhhhhhh . . .

That’s right, folks. Even though we live in what is generally known as “a drinking town with a football problem,” we had managed to completely forget about the Super Bowl.

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