Time Capsule

curryvillage.jpgThis morning Brian spent time doing his latest favorite persuit: shredding papers. (Never is there a man as content and industriously blissful as my Brian with a shiny new gadget.)

He was merrily bzzzzz-ing his way through check stubs from 1998 when he came upon a fat little envelope which contained something fun — a bundle of receipts and a handwritten budget for our honeymoon.

That was back in December of 1999. We went to Yosemite National Park. Trip expenses included:

  • Gas purchased in Salt Lake City for $1.32 a gallon
  • Rental of a cabin in Curry Village for three nights: $194.68
  • The purchase of a dessert called “Obsession” at the Wawona Hotel: $4.25

Yeah, it hasn’t been quite long enough for those prices to seem quaint (except for the gas, maybe). We made our cabin reservations via the Internet, which was considered very cutting-edge and techie then, or at least to our parents. It’s been eight years, but I can still recite the Curry Village Anthem:

Wild strawberry freezes

And fresh mountain breezes

Make Curry the Camp of Delight.

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