Loving & Leaving Pittsburgh: The Duquesne Incline

I think I had to double-check the spelling of this post’s title about four times.  That’s how you spell “Duquesne,” right?  (For those of you strangers to Pittsburgh, it’s pronounced “doo-KANE.”)

Would you believe that I lived here for nearly seven years before taking a trip up Mt. Washington on the incline?  These would be a set of little red trollies that go up and down the mountainside on a set of tracks.  Yeah, it’s one of those cute touristy things that Pittsburgh is famous for, but it always seemed a little too not-worth-the-time.  It’s almost as easy to just drive up the hill (although it must be known that the inclines, old and touristy though they may be, are still used by some commuters as a way to get into the city and, as such, are maintained as public transporation).

But the charm, good weather, and lovely view really won me over.  I’m sad I haven’t come here more often!

All aboard!

The view going up . . .

. . . and at the top.  That’s Uncle Sven (aka Patrick) with Eleanor.  She has a serious case of hero-worship going on with that guy.

Jeffrey was so enthused by the experience that when we arrived at home he insisted on making his own incline out of Legos.  Brian jumped right on this idea, and here’s what they made.  It really works — all you do is pull the string!

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