Loving & Leaving Pittsburgh: In Bloom

I know one of the things I’ll really miss about Pennsylvania is all of the springtime flowers.  People try to grow flowering trees and bushes in Utah, but there really isn’t enough water for them to really flourish.  So, this spring I made a point of taking snapshots of all my favorite blossoms that I see while driving around town.

Here’s a gorgeous pair of azalea bushes.  They look like one bush growing two shades of flowers:

Down the street from that bush is one of my favorite dogwood trees.  Look how it towers — it reminds me of a Japanese painting:

Schenley Park also has some lovely dogwoods growing wild in the forest.  They remind me of Virginia, where wild dogwood are more proliferous:

There are so many more that I wasn’t able to capture before they faded away (I’m kicking myself that I missed the big tulip tree in north Oakland!).  Oh, well!

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