Loving & Leaving Pittsburgh: Bruster’s Ice Cream

On summer evenings (or, as is often the case, spring evenings) we like to walk the couple of blocks it takes to get to our neighborhood ice cream parlor, Bruster’s. Bruster’s is a local chain, and we like it better than the other (many, many) ice cream places in town, for these reasons:

1. Kids under four feet get free baby cones. If you ask, they will even make a “Purple Dinosaur” cone for the little ones. Note the googly candy eyes.

2. Banana Thursdays — on these days, if you bring a banana from home, you can get a banana split for half price. Brian and I like to share these. The splits are different from other places — they use strawberry, pineapple, and fudge toppings. The strawberry topping tastes sparkly, almost as if it’s carbonated. Maybe from having three hundred grams of sugar per ounce, perhaps?

Oh, and the kids can entertain themselves with the banana on the walk there. Here is the classic “banana phone.”

3. The “dirt sundaes” for kids cost less than a one-scoop cone. Jeffrey was good enough to share his dirt with William. Happy baby!

4. The kids’ favorite thing is this little Bruster’s truck. We have yet to actually put money in it to make it go. The kids don’t need money to go for a ride — the imagination makes for the most delicious trip of all.

2 thoughts on “Loving & Leaving Pittsburgh: Bruster’s Ice Cream

  1. Jeffrey’s “dirt sundae” was just vanilla ice cream with crushed-up Oreos and a gummy worm on top. Is that what you were thinking about? Or is there some fabulous dirt recipe out there that I need to hunt down?

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