Another Quick Note

As we STILL have no internet access at Retro Acres, the posts are going to continue on the slim-to-non-existent side.  The new service is supposed to be installed on Sept. 8 (!)  (long wait!) so hold yer horses ’till then.

We’re visiting the grandparents for the weekend, which is why I was able to pop online and do a quick post.  More on what we’ve been up to later, but for now:

Last night Brian was videotaping the Democratic National Convention for his family while I was out at a storytelling concert.  The kids were running around the room while it was on, occasionally noticing what was onscreen.  Occasionally, that is, until Barack Obama appeared.  After viewing the barrage of inspirational speeches, campaign songs, and soft-focus life story, Jeffrey pointed at Barack and said in a hushed voice,

“Dad, is he going to save the world?”


I guess he does come off as a bit of a superhero-type for a five-year-old, what with the thronging crowds and all.

Brian’s response?

“Um, he’s going to try.”

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