Live Blogging the Presidential Debate!

 . . or rather, keeping track of what my kids say while we watch the debate.

(Just so you know: today Jeffrey turned six, and we’re having fun putting together his new Star Wars Lego set while watching the show.)

7:25 —

“Mom!  Are you going to run for President?”  This is not the first time Jeffrey’s asked me.

But Jeffrey, who would take care of you while I’m doing that?

“Oh, I’ll just spend time cleaning up your office while you’re gone.”

And when I’m home?

“Then I’ll clean up the other rooms in the White House.”

Why would I make a good President?

“You would help people find a job.”  Hmm.

“And you would help get the wrecked ships out of the way.”


“And you would help George Washington gather up all of his cannons!”

(I make a long whistle.)

“And I’ll do anything for you, Mom!  I’ll do any task you want me to!”

I like that can-do spirit, kid!

7:41 —

Who are the people on the screen, Jeffrey?

“Bawak Obama and Sentator McCain!”

7:45 —

How would you solve the war in Iraq?

“I would get a bigger army and force those two other armies back to their own countries.”

If only it were that easy.

Just for the record, I can’t get Eleanor to say anything cute or clever about the debate.  Whenever I ask her what she thinks about say, government spending reform, she says “I don’t know!” and does a dance.  Three year olds!  Sheesh!

Well, the laptop battery’s getting low, so I’ll have to conclude my comments for the evening.  Ta!

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