The Back is Still Aching

. . . as if you couldn’t tell from all the blogging I’ve been doing.  My time is spent sitting in the only chair that gives upper-back support in the house — a red wingback in the library — and engaging in activities that cause me to move my torso as little as possible.

I’m still participating in the essential childcare procedures (food, clothing, teeth brushing) but laundry?

Forget it.

Picking up toys?


Emptying the dishwasher?

Not going to happen, unless I can somehow magically levitate the machine so that the dishes are all at the same level as my waist.  Loading the dishwasher wasn’t a problem, as I could simply hold my arm down low and drop ’em in without bending over.

The biggest problem is that I have to sleep sitting up as well, which leads to weird dreams and the sensation, upon waking, of not really having slept at all.  Also, that I can’t bend down to kiss anybody, or have anybody sit in my lap for more than a minute.  That’s lousy.

Hopefully, it’ll all be better in the next two or three days.  In the meanwhile, I’ve been watching this:

It’s an animated feature called Sita Sings the Blues.  The animator, Nina Paley, uses the Indian epic Ramayana as a framework for examining her own troubled marriage.  It’s as funny as it is thoughtful (very respectful to its source material), which in some ways was a problem, seeing as it hurts for me to laugh right now.  In addition to using a variety of funky animation techniques (including three shadow puppets who act as our guides to the story) Paley has several sequences where Sita sings along to the 1920s jazz vocals of Annette Hanshaw (hence the movie’s title).  Beautifully crafted and executed, I really recommend giving it a watch.  Best of all, the film is available for viewing in its entirety at this public television station’s website — for free!

2 thoughts on “The Back is Still Aching

  1. By the way, I was thinking of you the other night when we went to Classical 89 (?)’s Silent Movie Night down at BYU. It was the swashbuckling “Mark of Zorro!” It was AMAZING!! I’m not usually a big fan of silent movies, but this one was fantastic! Anywho, with you mentioning Robin Hood and old movies (and needing to be a little more stationary right now), I thought I would pass it on!

  2. I thought of you yesterday as Benjamin reared back with all his might and slammed his head into my face. I spent the next 10 minutes on all fours screaming and crying in agony. I have quite the glorious shiner today – my left eye is a lovely mixture of blue, yellow, and red. As I looked at myself in the mirror, I thought, “Well, it could be worse, I could have a broken rib.” Hope your recovery is speedy.

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