Milking It

A few posts ago I wrote about how William has developed the habit of saying “Missed you!” whenever he sees someone who has been absent for a while.  Whenever I pick him up from nursery school, that’s the first thing he says to me: “Missed you, Mommy!”  He usually accompanies these words with a big smile, an adorable tilt of the head, and his chubby hands curled up under his chin.

Well.  You can imagine the positive reinforcement we’ve given him over that, so now he’s begun to say “Missed you” to anybody who has been absent for a matter of minutes, or sometimes not at all.

Oh my gosh!  Dad was in the living room and he was in the study?  “Missed you!”

Big brother was in the backyard?  “Missed you!”

Mom was sitting on the other side of the table from him?  “Missed you!”

We can’t help it, though — it’s so, so adorable that we all tackle him with hugs and kisses whenever he does it.  I’m feeling rather certain that his intentions are guileless, that this is simply his message of saying “Hey, there you are!  I need some loveys from you!”

2 thoughts on “Milking It

  1. Ok, Brooke I found you and if you are game so am I. I’ve been thinking of doing some sort of informal get-together type of thing for almost a year now. The only requirement being the talk is kids books and nothing but kids books.

    I think you should be able to get my address from this post so ball is in your court.

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