Comparative Religion

Jeffrey and Eleanor came out of Primary (our church’s version of Sunday School) eager to show off the pictures they had made:

Eleanor’s is on top, if you couldn’t guess from the pink.  She says it’s a picture of her and Jesus holding hands.  (Awwww.)  This is the first time I’ve seen her draw hearts, so I was duly impressed.  Also note the generous bellybuttons in both figures.  Eleanor always puts bellybuttons in her pictures of people, “because,” she says, “you would look really weird if you didn’t have one.”  True that.

Jeffrey’s drawing is on the bottom.  I couldn’t figure out what it was, so I asked him for a description. 

“It’s the cycle of Jesus’ life,” he explained.  “First he was born in a temple, here,” (he pointed to the big grey building which does indeed look like a temple) “and then he spoke to Joseph Smith, who is holding a sign that says ‘REPENT REPENT REPENT.’  Then he died, and a big volcano,” (pointing to the big red triangle) “erupted and sent him off into heaven” (the cloudlike scribble).  “Then it begins all over again.”


Although I’m sure that Jeffrey knows that Christ was born in a manger in Bethlehem, etc. (for crying out loud, Christmas was just LAST MONTH), I would give good money to have a printout of what goes on in Jeffrey’s brain during Sharing Time.  I think he has a tendency to embellish whatever he’s learning about with his own imaginative prowess.  He’s got reincarnation, Evangelicalism, and possibly volcano worship all blended together there.  It’s rare that Jeffrey spends time drawing — he really didn’t begin making representational pictures until almost the end of kindergarten — so I was pretty excited about this.  Look at the arrows!  Cool!

5 thoughts on “Comparative Religion

  1. Haha, I love that kid. I’d give good money to see into his brain any given day. I imagine it would be a lot like a Wes Anderson film meets a Tim Burton film. He’s a creative kid!

  2. The best religious discussions are with kids. After the lesson on the baptism of Jesus, Eli was convinced Jesus turned into a bird and would fly around. Now that he’s in catholic school we get all kinds of good stuff. Just before his baptism he was so glad he would finally get rid of his pesky original sin.

  3. Yeah, we would look pretty weird without belly buttons (that’s why James Cameron put them on the blue people in Avatar even though he says they’re not placental mammals. Oh, and they have breasts too, but I’m sure he had other motives for that).

    I miss Jeffrey – he definitely makes you look at the world again with new eyes.

  4. When my LargeBoy was that age, he came home with a picture of the Nativity. Manger with Baby, Mary, Joseph, Stable with a NINJA on the roof. I just love them!

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