It’s a Good Thing They Didn’t Mention the Bloodletting, Either

Today is Pioneer Day, a state holiday.  The pioneers were considerate enough to enter the Salt Lake valley in late July, right when everybody is raring for an excuse to have another barbecue.  Thanks, be-bonneted ones!

Last week in church, my children were given a Primary lesson about pioneers.  Jeffrey and Eleanor enjoyed it so much that they talked about it all the way home.  They were given little jars of cream, they said, which they got to shake up into butter.  “Which didn’t taste very good,” added Jeffrey.  (Of course not — it hadn’t been salted!)

“And Mom,” continued Eleanor, “do you know how the Pioneers made big fires?”

No, I didn’t.

“The kids had to go out and look for buffalo poop and pick it up and bring it back, and that’s what they set on fire to make a big fire!”

Eleanor shook her head.  “Mom, if I were a pioneer girl, I would be the butter churning one instead of picking up the buffalo poop, because that is disgusting.”

Wow, does she even remember the part in Little House in the Big Woods when Laura spends time playing ball with a pig’s bladder?  Guess not.

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