My Natural State

Here’s a cute story about Jeffrey from our vacation:

At the end of one of our marathon Disneyland days, the kids were tucked into their bed, and I sat on the edge of mine, relaxing in my pajamas and brushing out my hair.  Jeffrey hadn’t quite dozed off yet, and sat up to talk to me.

“Mom,” he said, “you look like you are in your natural state.”

Couldn’t help but smile at his choice of words.

“What’s my ‘natural state’?” I asked.

“Well, it’s when you have your glasses on instead of your contacts,” he explained, “and when your hair is hanging down low on your shoulders.”

He hopped out of bed and came next to me, and put one hand on my cheek.

“In your natural state, your smile makes your face pretty and soft,” he continued, then slipped into my lap.  “And you are cuddling a boy.”

Ah-ha!  Leave it to Jeffrey to smother me with enough compliments that I don’t notice him sneaking in a few more hugs and kisses before bedtime!  Gosh, I love that kid.

4 thoughts on “My Natural State

  1. Just when I was feeling smug that all my children can drive themselves to their own appointments you go and make me miss bygone days of lap dwellers.

  2. That’s about the kindest thing anyone can tell us, isn’t it? That we’re loved in our natural state. I like that.

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