Weddings: A Primer

Three weeks ago, my sister-in-law, Erica was married to a wonderful man named Jake.  My kids adore him, mainly because he lets them crawl all over him.  (He is the youngest of eight children and is used to being bombarded with nieces & nephews).

As part of the wedding luncheon, I put together this little video of my kids, asking them questions about weddings and marriage.  It’s a hoot — you’ll be pleasantly surprised to learn the real reason brides carry flowers at their weddings:

3 thoughts on “Weddings: A Primer

  1. I loved watching that video. Your kids are so cute. But…the video is not showing up here! Something must be wrong.

  2. That was awesome. I love their cute responses. I’m sure glad that I had that those flowers on my wedding day.

  3. I need workers to build us a house. We’ve been married 9 years and haven’t found our workers. Happy Wedding!

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