Great to Be Eight

Our sweet Jeffrey was baptized yesterday at our local stake center.  Here’s the whole gang:

Isn’t Jeffrey a great kid?  And take a look at the size of my baby belly!  People keep saying that I “don’t look that big,” which makes me wonder if my presence somehow creates delusions in people.  But I know it’s just a way of talking about someone you can’t see — the baby — and that’s fine.

My parents, brothers, and in-laws were able to attend as well, along with various Primary teachers and leaders.  Brian’s co-worker Deanna was able to come too.  She is one of the friendliest, most loving people I know, and my children ADORE her.  She, along with my brother’s fiancee, isn’t LDS and Brian wondered afterwards if they somehow felt awkward or singled out during the ceremony because of this.

“Not at all,” I reasoned.  “If we got invited to a friend’s daughters First Communion or Bar Mitzvah, we’d think it was really cool and totally flattered that they wanted us there!”  I hope that was the case yesterday.

Deanna was kind enough to bring little presents for the kids — pockets watches for William & Jeff, and a necklace for Eleanor.  The boys are entranced by the watches and love to spend time drawing them in and out of their pockets.  Maybe William should be a teeny Mark Twain for Halloween.

We were able to have a private confirmation ceremony after the baptism, and we kept it short and sweet.  As I suspected, the Stake Primary had a good 30-minute program for the families already set up before the baptism; the last thing Jeffrey needed was another 30 minutes of talks to sit through.  Also, we didn’t know if we’d have access to a piano, or anything, so no musical numbers or such things like that.  But it was lovely anyway, just right for my freckle-face boy.



3 thoughts on “Great to Be Eight

  1. It was wonderful. I’m glad we could be there. Sorry I was a zombie during it and June was a little manic (it was a long night). We’re so proud of Jeffrey! I loved Brian’s mom’s talk too.

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