I’m a Sucker for Leaves

During the last session of the fall LDS General Conference, Brian and I like to take the long two-hour route to Grandma’s house in Provo.  We go up through Park City, then drive through Midway, and end it with the legendary tipsy-turvy road on Mt. Timpanogos known as the Alpine Loop.  Seeing fall color is sometimes hit-and-miss, depending on the vagaries of the weather.  Here’s what we saw this year:

I enjoy doing this because I would otherwise have difficulty watching or listening to Conference talks.  I can’t listen to lectures straight; if I want to absorb the information, I usually need to be doing something else — knitting, sorting photos into albums, or looking at pretty leaves.

In college, the only way I was able to pay attention during class was to write down everything I thought was interesting.  Anyway, it’s the reason why, when Brian asks what my Relief Society lesson was about, my answer is generally “I don’t remember . . . um, ‘Faith’?”

Anyway, the drive was glorious, and my kids loved stopping at an overlook to stretch their legs halfway through.  Well . . . at least Ella & Wimmy were happy.  Jeffrey read a posted ranger’s warning about bear attacks and then promptly wanted to get back in the car.

Towards the end of conference, Jeffrey tuned into a talk about the perils of addiction, and which mentioned video game addiction.  Since then he’s gotten it into his head that my 15-year-old brother, Alex, is seriously addicted to video games.  Alex really isn’t addicted, but he is down on the Xbox quite a lot, so I enjoy teasing him about this.  At the same time, it’s very sweet that Jeffrey cares so much for his uncle.

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