Giant Ostrich Eggs!

I have exactly one (1) April Fool’s joke in my repertoire.  Besides, you know, “look behind you!  An elephant, I SWEAR!”

These are ostrich eggs, which I fried up fresh this morning.  It’s a great way to get the kids dressed in the morning on April 1.  I told them that I got them from the zoo yesterday afternoon.  Why didn’t they see them in the fridge?  Because I didn’t want them to play with and break them, of course.

What are they really?  Cool Whip and canned peach halves.  They go great with a slice of toast.  Mmmm!

4 thoughts on “Giant Ostrich Eggs!

  1. Mmmmm, chilled ostrich eggs—a new family favorite! I’ll bet they become a favorite breakfast request!

  2. Oh…you really fooled me. I thought they were ostrich eggs when you posted them to facebook, my stomach turned and I had to not think about it. You DO always make interesting food, I thought this was just another Shirts Thing. 🙂 Peaches and whipped cream sounds yummy!

    1. Don’t worry, Deb — from the other comments on Facebook, you’re not the only one who fell for it. Yick, I can’t even imagine eating an ostrich egg. I think it might be illegal or something (are they endangered? Don’t know). Cool Whip and peaches are MUCH yummier.

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