Katie’s Kingdom

This weekend during General Conference the kids hauled out all the blankets and built this:

Welcome to “Katie’s Kingdom,” as Jeffrey calls it.  Not only did the baby girl receive the full Queen of Sheba treatment, but they also used pillows to cordon off a “storage cupboard” and a “kitchen.”  When I entered the picture to feed the girl, I was automatically designated the “dining room,” and the nursing pillow was the “table.”

Here’s the other notable event of the weekend:

Count ’em, that’s ten kids crowded around our kitchen table eating pizza and chocolate-dipped strawberries.  I invited two of my friends over during the Priesthood session, and between just the three of us, there were TWELVE children in the house for the evening. My mom came too, and I am impressed by how much she was able to enjoy herself despite the thundering herd.  Much was the zaniness thereof, especially when Eleanor turned on old episodes of She-Ra: Princess of Power and she and other assorted kids began to dance around to the eerily addictive theme music.

You gotta admit that among fictional princesses, She-Ra rules.  I thought I was a big fan as a kid, but Eleanor is hard-core.  She has the whole opening monologue memorized.  (“Secrets were revealed to me on the day I held my sword aloft and said, ‘For the Honor of Greyskull!'”)  It’s pretty amazing.

2 thoughts on “Katie’s Kingdom

  1. Wow, what cute kids you had visiting! 😉 Thanks again for the invite–we had a blast at that party.

    Katie is such a darling, and that umbrella was a great touch. I love kids’ imagination!

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