Hooray for Baby Girl

Last Sunday was Katie’s baby blessing.  I’m all in favor of baby celebrations, although they are kind of a cruel joke for a new mother.

“Hey!  You look exhausted!  Why not throw a lavish luncheon for your closest family and friends?”

I never had to uphold this tradition with my first three kids — they were born in Pennsylvania, far from family, and so there was no pressure to play the hostess.  But to tell the truth, I kind of missed having a bit of a party to celebrate my new little ones.  So, with Katie, I decided to throw a party on such a level as to represent the births of all four kids.

Also, it gave me a reason to finally try out some recipes I’ve been had in my To Be Cooked pile for ten-odd years.  I mean, is my cookbook shelf a warehouse, or an vibrant contribution to household information?  (Yeah, that’s the libarian talking.)

Both sets of grandparents were able to be there, as well as all three of my brothers and their significant others.  Cousin June was thrilled to sit with Eleanor and William during church services, and likewise Jeffrey was by Uncle Alex the whole while.

Katie, being the mild-mannered girl she is, was quiet and complacent during her blessing.  Someone (I can’t remember who) said that she spent her time slowly gazing from one face to another during the ceremony.  What a lovely girl.

I can’t quite remember everything Brian said during the blessing, except that it was very touching and sweet.  I just remember one thing: about Katie growing to love her brothers and sister as much as they already love her, so they can all learn and grow from each other.  This has always been my greatest wish for my family, so it was very heartwarming to hear it in Katie’s blessing.

Afterwards, we all trooped over to my house for a splendiferous feast!  Featuring:


Yellow Pepper Frittata (with artichoke hearts, yum)

Steamed Asparagus with creamy dill dip


Fruit Salad with honey-lime-mint dressing

Smoked Salmon Bites!

I put the exclamation point here because this was by far my favorite dish of the day.  They were very easy to make and TASTY.  I know it’s kind of pretentious to use caviar in a dish, but I’ve never done it before and CARPE DIEM.  And the cost isn’t all that bad when you’re only buying one ounce, OKAY?  Here’s the most perfect one I made.  It was consumed shortly after taking this photo:

And for dessert?  Carrot cake, which I’ve been craving for a whole month.  Speaking of which, I think I might go carve myself a leftover slice right now . . .

The post-luncheon entertainment included acrobatics performed by Grandpa and various little grandchildren.  A class act all around.


5 thoughts on “Hooray for Baby Girl

  1. Hooray for new babies and celebrations, especially in spring! It all looks wonderful. She definitely looks like she is part of the family.

  2. Which was more delicious–the sweetest baby girl or the incredible luncheon? I am still savoring them both! Thanks for the beautiful day.

  3. Any chance we could have a RS cooking class in which you show us how to make those salmon bites (and we actually practice them, so there is plenty for everyone)?

    They look melt-in-your-mouth yummy, and I am SO jealous.

    Oh! And Katie is darling, of course, as are all of her siblings. 🙂 (And I can say that, because I have had the privilege of having Wim fall asleep in my arms during sacrament meeting once.)

    1. Oh, but the bites are SO EASY that an RS demonstration would only last about 30 seconds. Here’s what you do:

      Get package of frozen phyllo shells from store.
      Bake the shells.
      Put sour cream in Ziplock bag, and snip off a corner.
      Squeeze sour cream into shells.
      Put in smoked salmon
      Put in tiny dab of caviar
      Wedge in thin little sliver of lemon
      Sprinkle on snippet of fresh dill.

      VOILA! Done! Eat it in one bite, lemon and all.

  4. Oh. my. goodness. That is a ridiculously awesome party for a new mommy to host. (ditto about the birthday party previously!) I’m uber-impressed. Looks sooo delicious. And Katie is beautiful.

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