Ce n’est-ce pas une pomme

I found this in the living room last night:

I stared at it for a couple of minutes, then began laughing out loud.

A few weeks ago, William wanted a drink of apple juice, and was convinced that he could get said drink by sticking a straw into an apple.  I couldn’t convince him that this was not how apple juice worked, but I managed to distract him with something else.  I forgot all about it, and I thought he did, too.

So yesterday when he asked for an apple, I thought he was going to eat it.  I didn’t think twice about the fact that he was holding a straw.

I hope he wasn’t too disappointed.  Although you have to give the boy credit for his tenacity — look at the gouges in that apple!  How many attempts did he make before he was able to get the straw all the way in?

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