Lights! Camera! Action!

Here’s the secret to successfully visiting Temple Square at Christmastime:

  • Go early in the month
  • Go on a weeknight
  • Get there before 7 pm, to avoid hordes of youth groups (bless them, but they obliviously walk through family groups and kids get lost)
  • Avoid snowy days
  • Hats, gloves, scarves.  And a big ol’ bunting for baby.
  • If you’re lucky, you’ll have all the above factors and there will warm-ish temperatures, too.

Comparing this year’s visit to last year’s, I must also say that not being 7 mos. pregnant also increases the quality of the visit.

Smaller crowds were definitely a plus.  This was the first year the kids have been able to see the automated “Nativity” program that plays every 20 minutes or so. Usually the audience is massive and impossible to penetrate.  The kids were wowed, especially when they projected a star on the side of the Tabernacle.  Hey, you would be too, if you were six!

Smaller crowds also meant I had time to take a shot of this cool luminary.  It’s made of die-cut metal, and there were several, all depicting scenes from the life of Christ.

Eleanor noticed the seagull statue next to the Assembly Hall:

I used the moment to tell the story of the “Miracle of the Seagulls,” but didn’t mention that the Seagull Monument was the world’s first public statue commemorating bird heroism.  And if birds get to sit on statues of human heroes, shouldn’t humans get to sit on statues of bird heroes?

Dashing in and out of the various buildings on the square does wonders for numb fingers and toes.  Jeff was miffed that we didn’t stay to do some impromptu family history research.

It was beautiful, although I must admit that my favorite part was the walk to and from the car.  We parked next to City Creek Park, and all the man-made “streams” and “ponds” had been drained for the winter.  The kids went wild with running in and out of the dry stream beds and dashing under the bridges.  Adorable.

Last tip for a successful trip: lots of cream on top of the hot cocoa afterwards!

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