She Done Turned One

Katie’s first trip around the sun was celebrated with chicken enchiladas, cake from Granite Bakery, and lots of family.  The funny thing is, nobody photographed anybody but Kate.

She cheered when everyone sang to her,

found the icing flowers fascinating,

and perfected the double-fisted cake-grab.

Presents are still kind of a mystery, but with assistance, she found cute clothes and fun toys.

This is a kind of building block called “Wedgits,” from Brian’s mom.  I gave her a toy smartphone, which lights up and plays music when you press the “apps.”  I only mention this because I have a daft fantasy that my blog will be read by some archaeologist 100 years from now, and this mention of toy smartphones will come across as quaint and charming.

My favorite moment of the evening was how she clapped, cheered, and crowed with the whole family surrounding her — and then how she got a little bashful when we all sang “Happy Birthday.”  She couldn’t have cared less about the cake just then.  Thank goodness big brother William was there to extinguish the candle.

In fact, why not watch a snippet for yourself?

3 thoughts on “She Done Turned One

  1. Aah! I’m sorry I haven’t sent the pictures yet! I was going to do it tonight! And last night…and the night before. Darn my brain for making me forget. It’s late now and I have to go to bed, so tomorrow night! It was a fun party for a cute girl! Happy Bday Katie!

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