Job Search

So, the Big Bad Thing I mentioned in a previous post is this: we’re going to have to move.  We thought we were getting a job offer from the University of Utah, but it fell through (through no fault of our own.  It’s a long story and I won’t go over it because I’m still kind of bitter).

The other job contenders: Pittsburgh and Seattle.  I’m leaning towards Seattle.

Yes, yes — I can hear all the Pittsburghers squawking in indignation while wheeling pillowcases full of doorknobs over their heads in a threatening manner.  But hey: I’ve always wanted to live in the Pacific Northwest.  Also: we can drive back to Utah for grandparent visits.

Also: Seattle seems darn cool.  There are four children’s museums in the vicinity, two national parks, two theaters devoted entirely to marionette performances.  (Yes, these are exactly the kind of nerdy things I look for when I rate a city.)

BUT since neither of these places have yet to send Brian and official contract, the stress level is high.  I’m wasting far, far too many hours on Zillow and Trulia, biting my nails over the high cost of real estate in Seattle, and the lousy schools in Pittsburgh.

(Yeah, we’d probably live in Mt. Lebanon.  Go ahead and swing the pillowcases.)

Anyway, it’s been preoccupying my thoughts enough to the point where I can’t write any other posts, not about Eleanor’s ballet class, or Jeffrey’s recycling opera, or what I’m going to refer to as the Harry Potter Ski Adventure.

Well, maybe I will.  But not until after a few more hours on Zillow.

One thought on “Job Search

  1. My pillowcase is locked and loaded.

    BUT, I do get your point. Seattle is very cool. We had a job offer to move out there about 6 months ago and it was a tough decision. The pacific northwest is pretty awesome all around. Good luck with the decision making process!

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