The Last Pie Night in Town

Status update from June 13, 2012:

Getting ready to go to my very last children’s literature pie night: a group of librarians, teachers, writers, agents, etc. who get together now and then to talk books and eat pie. *sigh* It’s been wonderful having these witty, intelligent people in my life the last few years — people who care deeply and thoughtfully about books and young readers. Pie away!

Have I mentioned Kidlit Pie Night before?  It began when a school librarian named DaNae and I met in the comments section of a post on the influential children’s literature blog, A Fuse #8 Production.  We both felt the need to socialize with other people who were passionate about children’s literature — people who read an appreciated it on a professional level — and decided to meet at a coffeeshop in SLC to eat pastry and talk books.

It was a success!  Our group grew, and we later relocated our other meetings to the Marie Callendar’s in Bountiful (since many of our members were from Davis County).  Our group included Michelle and Shannon, who are also school librarians; Pam, who taught English at East High; Amy, who is a literary agent (the agent who “discovered” Shannon Hale and now works with Jessica Day George); and Matt, who is an author with Scholastic (and I heartily recommend reading his novel, Icefall).

We would eat pie, drink many glasses of diet Pepsi and gab about books, kids, media, intellectual freedom, and anything else that came to mind until closing time. I quit the library world in 2008 when I moved to Salt Lake, but I still kept up with my professional reading.  t was so wonderful to talk with people who “got it,” who understood my skill set and appreciated it, and who brought intelligent, diverse perspectives to the table.  Kindred spirits are hard to find.

Now our numbers are dwindling as both Matt and I move away; here’s hoping that we all can find many more nights of pie in the future.

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