Time Travel . . . With Facebook!

Here’s something I wrote this morning:

Today is Flag Day. This morning some Boy Scouts were out putting a flag in our front lawn. When Jeffrey saw them, he got so excited that he ran outside to greet them. He then saluted them while marching in place and singing “God Bless America” at the top of his lungs.

I didn’t even know he could sing that song.

See?  Cute and concise, right?  I haven’t been blogging much in the last three much, but boy howdy have I discovered Facebook.

In the past, I was never much of a FB user (although I had an account); I considered a threat to my time-management skills.

But then my brother announced the end of his engagment via Facebook (without telling anybody in person) and I realized that this is a technology I ought to reluctantly embrace.

To tell the truth, I love the format of the statue update: it’s a great way to record anecdotes about funny things the kids do, or other big events in Casa Camisas land without going on and on forever.

Since it’s the only record I have of the last three months, I’m going to use it to write about everything I’ve missed.

Ready for a ride?

One thought on “Time Travel . . . With Facebook!

  1. I like this idea. Blogging facebook status updates with added information – after all, status updates end up being forgotten about forever after a day or two… I’ve thought about it before, but never did it because I’m scared I’ll bore people x2, which would be really, really boring. You do it great though!

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