Belated Birthday . . . Post

A few days ago I realized that I never posted about Jeffrey’s tenth birthday.  I’d apologize and beg your forgiveness, but  . . . really?  It’s a BLOG, who cares?

But I shall say that it was a very fun bowling party.

We even got to go into the maintenance room and SEE THE BOWLING MACHINES.  This is something I’ve always, always wanted to see.  No sarcasm, I swear!

Okay, now I realize that writing “No sarcasm, I swear” sounds MORE sarcastic than not.

Anyway, much fun was had by all, although the boys spent a lot of the time doing this:

Why do I even . . . next time I should scrap the bowling and invest in a couple rolls of quarters instead.    I do understand the lure of vintage video games, I must admit.  They had Killer Instinct II! And Mortal Instinct II!   And Galaga II!  And Pac-Man II: Cruise Control!

Note the black bowling pin in the center of the table.  It was Jeff’s “present” from the bowling alley.  Most of the gift-pins were decorated with felt to look like little clowns or whatever, but Jeff chose the one covered with googly eyes.  My mom suggested that we keep it as a Halloween decoration.  Good idea.

My only complaint is that they didn’t let me bring a homemade cake to the party.  This makes FOUR BIRTHDAYS IN A ROW of store-bought cakes.  *throws self on floor and kicks legs against the carpet while wailing*

Jeff obviously didn’t care about the quality of yon cake.  Rumor has it on the schoolyard is that cake doesn’t taste as crazy-sweet when you join the Double Digit Club.

Fortunately, my boy is just as sweet as ever.  Happy birthday, Jeffrey-Do!

OH — and the bathroom sinks at the bowling alley looked like this:

That is all.

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