Jeffrey Quote: Consequences

This is a quote that I was reenacting at parties and gatherings during most of the holidays.  Forgive me, friends, if you’ve heard it before.  I just wanted to get it down on digital paper for preservation’s sake.


JEFF: Mom, when I disobey you, you shouldn’t get upset.

ME: Oh, no?

JEFF: No, you should just take a deep breath and ask yourself, “In the course of my life, how much will this really matter?”

ME: But Jeffrey, if I didn’t give you consequences when you disobey me, how could I teach you to do what’s right?

JEFF: It would be hard.

ME: What would happen instead?

JEFF [growing very solemn]: I would choose the wrong.  Just like Muammar Gaddafi.


?!?!!?  As my brother-in-law Patrick put it: “That is off the wall.”  For the record, I did a little digging and discovered that the “in the course of my life” quote is from Walk Two Moonswhich Jeffrey read for school (nice to discover he’s absorbing something).

He said he learned about Gaddafi from “listening to the news on the radio.”  So . . . thanks, NPR?

One thought on “Jeffrey Quote: Consequences

  1. That is so great! Last night for FHE, Laura’s activity was a Fill in the Blank game she created “just like on NPR.” Funny the things they latch onto and how they relate them to themselves.

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