Devil Horn Moon

…. is what I am going to call all waxing crescent moons from now on. Because my children were behaving like Satan’s minions this morning, that’s why. I wasn’t much better; blew my top over and over. And then …. Katie had a meltdown at library storytime and had to be dragged away.

Oh, she looks innocent, but don’t let that fool you. DEVIL!!20130117-133200.jpg

Just beneath that adorably pudgy exterior likes a shriek designed to scrape the cartilage off your ear drums.  And it was not appreciated by the patrons of the Richmond Beach Library.  What to do?

This seemed the best solution to my problem:20130117-133128.jpg

Yes, I purchased a Cuisinart ice cream maker at the thrift store yesterday. Mexican chocolate ice cream and Meyer lemon custard, hooray!



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