Eleanor had her spring piano recital last week (not this past Sunday, but the Sunday before).  She performed for the residents of a retirement home, which was nice, but it was really just a warm-up for adjudications.

Adjudications is a process common in the musical-performance world.  In this case, piano students play for an adjudicator (we had a piano prof. from Idaho State University, she was really great) who gives an assessment of achievement and gives a little bit of one-on-one coaching.  Kids are also scored, and the best ones get to play in an Honors concert, but I didn’t focus on that.  I didn’t even tell her that she got a score (I’m . . . not even sure what her score was).

Anyway, she had to play two pieces from contrasting musical periods.  So, we have “Tarantella,” (Romantic style?) along with “Snake Charmer,” which is “contemporary.”  She did great in the recital, except that the pedals on the baby grand were too far away and threw “Snake Charmer” off a bit.  Still a fabulous performance!

One thought on “Adjudicated

  1. That was so wonderful! Eleanor you have improved so much, it really surprised me. You must be doing some really good practicing. Way to go!!!

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