Down in the Boggy Boggy Bog


The signs of spring are different here in the Pacific Northwest — the temperatures don’t rise, mainly because they were never low to begin with (somewhere between 45-55 degrees every day).  So springtime is measured out in sunshine, which is gradually creeping back into our lives.

Also, instead of springtime robins, people look for grey whales in the Puget Sound.  Details, details.

We decided to splurge on our rare slice of sunshine today and take a hike in the Mercer Slough.  This is a boggy natural preserve in Bellevue which was created when Lake Washington’s water levels dropped ten feet after the construction of the Chittenden Locks.

Just  . . . just look it up.


Anyway, this left a network of meadows, wetlands, streams, and ponds behind, all of which make for excellent hiking and wildlife watching.  Or it would have been so if Katie hadn’t been Going Napless for the afternoon.  I’m pretty sure that forest critters tend to, ah, resist the allure of a toddler screaming.

In lieu of critters, we did spot these interesting yellow lily flowers.  They looked so early-springish, all perky banana blooms sticking up out of the moss and branches.


I love how they are awkward and tough-skinned, yet still full of energy and life.  Just like early spring.



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