The Great Indoors

Katie and I spend our Monday mornings at Play & Learn, an indoor playground program in our neighborhood.  Imagine a gym packed with every kind of fun thing for toddlers and you get the idea.  Orgies a long way towards keeping my sanity now that the rainy season is here.


Katie is especially passionateb about the little tikes cars.  They are value real estate in the preschooler economy.


Playtime always ends with everyone sitting in a circle for storytime.  The woman running the program often speaks with an unfortunately cloying, high tone that I refer to aas

Primary Voice, but such is the price I pay cor sanity in the winter.



3 thoughts on “The Great Indoors

  1. Very fun! I can hardly wait to see the Boo again. Be sure to post a few pictures of Girl Scout camp in September. It needs to be memorialized 🙂

    Love, Kathryn

    On Mon, Oct 14, 2013 at 11:33 AM, Casa Camisas

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