Halloween Time

This year, we had characters from the children’s favorite television show, Avatar: the Last Airbender 


Eleanor was Katara of the water tribe.  I made her hair out of yarn.


Jeff was Sokka, Katara’s older brother.


William was avatar Aang of the air nomads.


Brian knitted the hat during the American Society of Human Genetics conference a few weeks ago.

And Katie was Raggedy Ann.  Specifically, she wore the Raggedy Ann costume that my mom made for me when I was a toddler.  So cute!




My sister made the wig.  The original wig was made of crepe paper and really uncomfortable to wear.  Feeling the paper rustle around my head is one of my earliest memories.

raggedy ann Brooke 1 001 raggedy ann Brooke 2 001

We made jack o lanterns, too.  Jeff wanted the Jedi insignia on his pumpkin.  Katie’s is the tiny one; she wanted “a happy face on it.”


Because we get so few trick or treaters at our house, this is how I have out candy this year:


It was really fun to walk around the neighborhood as a family this year.


Jeffrey went after Kit Kats again.  As he put it, “we made a huge dent in the world percentage of candy!”.


So much fun!  I still miss out old neighborhood in Salt Lake at Halloween, but going out all together is really fun, too.  Brian says it’s way, way easier with two adults.


Happy Halloween!

4 thoughts on “Halloween Time

  1. I’m in awe of your costumes. I totally wimped out this year and went the amazon and hand-me-down route. Jared was out of town for it, so I’m just glad we all survived. 🙂

    1. Oh, I didn’t make those costumes, they were from a 90% off sale a costume website had back in spring. So, yeah, much wimping out around these parts, too.

  2. They are all adorable! Love the tootsie pop idea, I may steal that. Notice that the straps on the Raggedy Ann apron costume continue to fall off the shoulders down through the generations of time….

    1. Glad you like the tootsie pop idea — we used a foam pumpkin from the craft store for it, so we wouldn’t end up with soggy lollipops. We used a skinny screwdriver to punch holes, then pushed the lollipops in. The kids had a blast doing this.

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