Christmas Ships

Watching ships with Christmas lights cruise around Puget Sound is a Seattle tradition, apparently.  I’m always a fan of taking up local traditions, especially when I’m a newbie to the area.

2013-12-10 19.12.14

Last year we went to see the Christmas ships, but it was dismal.  There was rain, so only one ship, and we were homesick and lonely.  It wasn’t a good outing.

This year, however, was a much better experience.  Warm weather, no rain (well, a drizzle) and so many more ships to see!  The main Argosy ship had a choir onboard that serenaded all of us at the Edmonds pier.  The great thing about being on the pier is that the sailboats were able to cruise by right next to us and wave hello.  Add to this combo a thermos of hot cocoa and you have a great Seattle evening!

2013-12-10 19.15.52-3 2013-12-10 19.07.35 2013-12-10 19.28.56-2

Oh, and Santa Frog was there again.  I didn’t take a picture, but Santa Frog is a guy dressed as a giant frog in a santa suit.  My kids remembered him and were asking if he was going to be around.  It was good to see him again in all his glorious eccentricity.

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