In Which We Meet Space Santa

So Brian and I finally decided that we’d lived in Seattle for long enough without visiting the Space Needle.  The fact that we had also stumbled upon buy-one-adult-fare-get-two-kids-fares-free was purely coincidental.  Coincidental, I say!

This is what our family’s trip looked like via the complimentary green-screen souvenir photo they gave us:

space needle

And this is what our trip looked like in reality:

2013-12-21 11.37.05

And yeah, it was a cloudy overcast day which meant we didn’t see much of anything at the top, but the view isn’t the point of the Space Needle, I rationalized.  The point is to say you’ve been there.  So now we can do that.

Annnnnd we also got to visit with Space Santa, who wears a 60s-retro suit, sits in a little silver-and-red spaceship, and is assisted by “elves” in alien costumes.

space santa

We also got to frost and decorate spaceship cookies.  The children were given an absurd amount of sprinkles and frosting.

2013-12-21 11.48.01 2013-12-21 12.03.21

Jeff was worried the whole while that the Needle was going to tip over and fall.  (He’s got a point, it does look rather top-heavy.)  They explained the careful engineering of the building on the elevator ride to the top, but Jeff hates elevators, too, and spent the whole time covering his ears and just wishing it were all over.  Poor guy!

He did enjoy the indoor exhibits, though.

2013-12-21 12.16.49

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