Snow Day at Shoreline House

2013-12-20 09.13.54

I have only seen it snow twice here at Shoreline House, and both times it was the last Friday before Winter Break.

Those poor teachers.  Like they need anything else to make the kids giddy and excited.

It was only about a 1.5″ snowfall, but it was still enough to get us a 2 hour delay with the school day.  This was perfect — the kids got all dressed, fed, and instruments practiced, and then got to play for a good couple of hours before school started.

We are all still homesick for Utah powder.  We miss Brian’s snow sculptures and forts, and sledding days in the canyons.  My kids were famished for snow.

William and Eleanor built a snowman (we didn’t have carrots, so a yellow pepper was his nose).

2013-12-20 09.38.18

William loves snowmen so much that he built a second one under the basketball standard.

2013-12-20 09.04.15

Jeffrey made a fort out of the snow pile Brian had shoveled that morning and tried in vain to begin a snowball fight with . . . anybody.  Alas, nobody was interested.  When I handed him a sled and suggested he take a ride down a hill, his response was, “Hey, this is perfect!  I can use it as a shield in my snow fort war!”

To a hammer, everything looks like a nail, right?

2013-12-20 09.03.42

Katie, in the meanwhile, briefly disappeared.  I found her mittens lying in Jeff’s snow fort, but couldn’t find her.  Then I heard a soft whimper coming from the greenhouse.  Katie had grown tired of wearing her snow gear, so had gone into the greenhouse and took it all off.  She was standing in her playdress and leggings, barefoot, with her snowsuit, socks, boots, and hat on the floor around her.  “Mama it cold,” she cried.  Well, no kidding, Katie-boo.

They did go sledding on a few little hills in the neighborhood.  It was heartbreaking to call them back inside for school.

To continue the celebration, I prepared a delectable Christmas tea party for when they got home.  Gingerbread-spice herbal tea, scones with cream and lemon curd, fresh berries, salami-cream cheese sandwiches, and butterscotch cupcakes.  Not quite the Grand America, but the closest I can come to it at home.

2013-12-20 14.15.02 2013-12-20 15.59.03

2013-12-20 16.32.46

2013-12-20 16.27.13

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