Singing Time at Preschool

Katie’s preschool class did a Christmas carol program, and I got to go see it.  The director of Katie’s preschool said that all they really expect of kids this age “is that they keep their clothes on and not run away.”

Mission accomplished!  Well . . . one little boy in the front row raised his shirt and showed off his belly a few times, but otherwise, Mission Accomplished!

2013-12-17 10.38.36

I took pains to get a seat on the front row, but Katie ended up being on the opposite side of the stage from me, so my pictures were still lousy.  She was so excited to be on stage that she kept jumping up and down between songs.  Adorable.  I love how her pigtails kept swinging back and forth.

Afterwards, we had punch and goodies upstairs (always delicious, Lutherans know how to bring the baked goods).  On the way out, Katie wanted me to take a picture of her with the Christmas tree by the front door.  One of the other parents there noticed and offered to get a snapshot with both of us.  I think it turned out great.  I love my baby girl.

2013-12-17 10.48.38-2

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