Winter Break Adventures

Otherwise known as “how many museums can we hit in one week?”

Well, the art museum:

2014-01-01 12.52.02

We had come to see an exhibit featuring ancient meso-American art (esp. gold metalwork), but it could not be photographed.  The children’s play room had no such restriction!

The zoo:

2014-01-02 10.50.33

I love this photo — the very first header image for this blog was of my kids riding the merry-go-round in Schenley Park back in Pittsburgh.  It’s nice to have something similar again.

2014-01-02 10.58.36

The Burke Museum of Natural History (they were celebrating Archaeology Day, hence all the Roman stuff.  Jeff was over the moon):

2014-01-04 11.40.14 2014-01-04 11.36.34 2014-01-04 11.39.15-1

The week concluded with a the big ham dinner that we bought for Christmas but didn’t eat because we decided to drive to Utah.  A cheese plate was procured, friends came over, it was quite the fattening meal.

2014-01-04 17.18.02

The Sunday before school resumes is our traditional time to take down Christmas decorations.  I’m always especially sad to take the Christmas Cards out of the mirror.  It’s a big oval mirror that used to belong to Brian’s grandma.  She kept it in her front hallway, and now so do we.  I love to see how many cards I can wedge into the glass, until my self-reflection completely disappears.  There’s a metaphor in there somewhere, I’m sure.

2014-01-05 16.32.43

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