William the WindWaker and Katie’s Dress

Katie is quickly outgrowing all her toddler clothes, and it’s triggering the response it always does:

I need to photograph my kids in the cute clothes before it’s too late.  Hence a series of photos on my camera that look like this:

2014-01-26 12.38.43 2014-01-26 12.38.50

Little did I know when I took them, that there would be more cuteness in store that evening. Back in October, I found a Link outfit at the thrift store. What turned into enthusiasm for the Legend of Zelda blossomed into full-on obsession. He even insisted on wearing the outfit to the zoo, and doing a lot of action moves on the zip line they have there:

IMAG0257 IMAG0254

But on this particular Sunday — where I took the pictures of Katie in the red dress — Wim went a step further, dragging a cardboard box up to his room and creating his very own WindWaker boat. I think Brian helped out with the construction of the sail. Thank goodness I happened to have a big sheet of butcher paper laying around, because the results were pretty amazing.

2014-01-26 17.15.16 2014-01-26 17.16.05 2014-01-26 17.15.57

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