Berries & Roos

A friend of mine from church came up with the perfect itinerary for Wednesday, so I couldn’t help but follow along when she invited everybody she knew to join her.

First, a visit to the Outback Kangaroo Farm in Arlington. It’s a tiny little “farm” with a variety of exotic animals.

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William got to kiss a llama. (The keeper told everyone they could get a “kiss” if they held the llama food with their lips. He was the first kid to try it out.)

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Pucker up!

But what everyone liked best were the kangas.

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At the very end of the tour was a baby joey. Everyone got to have a turn holding him, but William’s photo was the only one that turned out nice. The joey is snuggled in a little fleece snuggly to imitate the feeling of being in mama kanga’s pouch.

IMG_2323 IMG_2319

After the intense cuteness, we ate a picnic lunch, then drove down the road to Biringer Berry Farm. Raspberries were at their peak, and we picked 10 pounds in thirty minutes. Since then, we’ve made berry ice cream, smoothies, pie, and jam. Berry mania!

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So much toil! Good thing there was an ice cream place across the road. Of course, the real thing to note here is Jeff’s fake hipster glasses. He found a broken pair of sunglasses, popped the lenses out, and wore the frames for most of the afternoon. Heh.

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