Easter Week

I have a friend who decided to take Holy Week more seriously, and I like that idea, so I decided to do the same. Last year I clipped a little advent-style Easter calendar from the  Friend magazine that I saved and put up on the wall again, and this year I went further and made an Easter creche:

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Katie is holding “Lexi the Lion” the mascot of her preschool class. Lexi takes turns spending the weekend with the children. Katie was overjoyed that it was her turn.

Katie loooooved the creche, and spent long hours making the figures talk to each other and sing Easter songs she’d learned at preschool.

Also, I finally took time to listen to the entire St. Matthew’s Passion. (It’s almost three hours long. And involves impressive countertenors. Dude sings like a lady.)

Once again I managed to deliver Hot Cross Buns to my neighbors and thereby save my household from shipwrecks for another year.

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We ate our share of buns at an after-school tea party.

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On Saturday we headed to our local park for the egg hunt that is organized by the Presbyterian church on the corner (it’s the same church where my kids have choir rehearsal). Katie was thrilled with the hunt because she found seven eggs! William and Katie were disappointed with the hunt because they found seven eggs. Perspective is everything.

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You may notice that Lexi the Lion came along to the egg hunt as well.

Eleanor fell into a grand sulk and even the creepy Easter bunny at the grocery store couldn’t cheer her up. (Why are Easter bunny suits always creepy?)

Processed with VSCO
For some reason William was insisting on carrying all of my grocery items in his arms.

The sulks were cheered a little bit by dyeing eggs. I figured out how to hard-boil them in my Instant Pot this year. Truly, it is the best method — the peels slip right off. William spent time creating eggs that look like the different emotions from “Inside Out.”

Processed with VSCO
You may notice an absence of Jeff in these pictures. He decided to go to Young Men’s Basketball at the stake center instead of doing an egg hunt. Sigh, he’s growing up.

Finally — Easter morning. Here are the girls in their new spring dresses.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset
Note the white leggings. Both girls refuse to wear tights anymore. This was the best compromise.

Their Aunt Caitlin took one look at this picture and wrote back, “so instead of sending Easter cards again, you’re sending Easter cardigans.”

(I think I’ll end this post now before the groans become too audible. )





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