The Last Tea Party

One of my favorite things about Katie’s preschool is that they host special tea parties every spring.

Last year was the “Special Person Tea,” where Katie was encouraged to invite any special adults in her life to attend. We were lucky enough that Grandpa Randy and Grandma Kathryn happened to be in town for that one.

This year was the “Mother’s Day Tea.” Katie was excited about this event for weeks ahead of time, whispering excitedly about the “secret surprises” that her class was working on to get ready for it.


The wait was worth it — I was privileged to eat a “dirt cake” Katie made herself (out of chocolate pudding, cookie crumbles, and a gummi worm) and wear a handmade paper hat that she had splashed with fingerpaint. The hats had been molded to the children’s heads, so none of them quite fit on the adults in attendance. We all had to sit a bit more properly erect to keep them from toppling.

Since this was our last year at the preschool, I did my best not to get teary-eyed, but I did take the luxury of filming the songs she sang with her class in their entirety. In years before, I would only record a minute or two, but not this time! A full eight minutes and twenty-four seconds of adorable Katie singing is now mine forevermore.

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