Happy Pie & Beer Day!

We’ve had two rounds of houseguests so far this summer.

Round One was William, his wife Melody, and their tiny toddler son Peter. I somehow didn’t take any pictures of them during their stay. Perhaps because it was the same week as this:

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The fox backpack was from a one-panel fabric kit at the craft store. William loves fox things, so it was perfect for him.

Wimmy’s sewing camp! It coincided with the same week as Shakespeare Camp, so the carpooling duties were exhausting. But everything you see him wearing/holding in that photo is something he made, so it was worth it.

Round Two coincided with this:

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I want to collapse into a nap coma just looking at this picture.

Yeah, Cub Scout Day camp. That week was so exhausting that I can scarcely summon the energy to remember it. My day as a chaperone involved hearing the boys getting lectured about hydration, gun safety, and a retelling of the Robin Hood legend that was riddled with inaccuracies (Robin of Locksley was not a real person! OKAY?)  but which was retold by an incredibly butt-kickin’ grey-haired female archery rangemaster, so I was in a forgiving mood.

Processed with VSCO
Also, this poster in the craft tent was pretty cool.
Processed with VSCO
This science class Katie attended at the library has nothing to do with Cub Scouts, but it happened the same week. 

The houseguests for Round Two were Edgardo, Liz, their three children, and Julia. Brooke, Liz & Julia: The Charlie’s Angels of Roommates, united under the same roof once more! They were just the kind of people to be understanding that their arrival coincided with my annual job running the neighborhood book-drive fundraiser.

Processed with VSCO
These were the items we COULD sell. There were about twice as many items deemed to weird or old to sell. We hocked ’em at Half Price Books for $30! Woo!

We celebrated Pie & Beer Day (i.e. Salt Lake’s subversive answer to Pioneer Day) with trips to Shari’s and the Root Beer Store. Afterwards, I realized that our previous root beer tastings were paired with regular food (protein, veggies) instead of sugary pie. Soda & Pie: a classic culinary blunder that resulted in a sugar crash of neck-weakening proportions.

Processed with VSCO
Tree Fort soda is the WORST. It tastes like curry powder! Why? Julia was happy to see Sprecher’s, which reminded of her time living in Wisconsin. Not pictured: a THIRD PIE, plus also Kristen and Sven, who appeared briefly between visits to two other parties.
Processed with VSCO
Sure, we look happy NOW, but thirty minutes later . . . 

We also took a trip to Seattle Center together, but my phone ran out of juice and therefore I have no photo evidence. (In sum: Katie was terrified of riding the monorail, people are competitive about seating in the Armory, and the playground was hot. That makes it sound lame but I actually had a really good time. I love the Monorail!)

Let the record show that I love summer houseguests. There are two more rounds of them this season, and I can’t wait!

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