Summer Album: July

In July, after we returned from Glacier . . . 

Jeff & Eleanor spent a week in Shakespeare camp. The play they did this year was “Much Ado About Nothing.” Eleanor had been looking forward to this camp for months. In this picture the kids are learning stage combat.
Eleanor didn’t get a very big part in “Much Ado” — the Sextant. Here she plays an additional role as a garden statue for Benedict & Bianca to hide behind while eavesdropping. Well, she got to be Ophelia last year, so . . . turnabout is fair play.
During that same week, William did Sewing Camp. (Yes, the carpooling was insane.) He made this zippered bicycle bag, and a quilt.
But the big sewing project was Donut Cat, which he designed the pattern for himself.
Here is William on his 10th birthday! We had a bowling party with fudge cake a few days after, but on the day of I made him a rainbow chip funfetti cake as I always do. It’s mini sized, just right for six slices, one for each of us.
We gave William a new bike for his birthday. He loves it!
We gave him a collection of Happy Meal toys that are Super Mario themed. We all love the green mushroom, which makes the “1-Up” sound when you press it.
The evening of Wim’s birthday we went to see a production of Jack Tales done by the Oregon Shadow Puppet Theatre Company. They are such an excellent troupe!



Eleanor spent a week at Camp Robbinswold learning how to do sea kayaking with the Girl Scouts.
She learned how to do “wet exits,” packed her own kayak, and paddled across the Hood Canal and spent a night doing primitive camping. What a cool adventure.
I was jealous she got to spend time at Robbinswold, that place is beautiful!
While Eleanor was at Robbinswold, Katie had Pirate Camp. (This is her on the last day.) So I had a few days of just me and the boys, which was fun.
I took the boys to Uwajimaya for lunch and to buy back-to-school treats for schuletuten later that year. 
We also had lunch at the Catfe — the cat cafe in Edmonds. Which was . . . okay. The boys loved the cats. I was just a little dismayed at eating in such a catty place.
Jeff found a buddy that took a nap in his lap. Aww, a genuine Jeff smile!
Here are the pictures of Willliam’s bowling party. These guys are so silly.


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