Summer Album II: The Reckoning

During the first two weeks of August . . . 

Eleanor went to YW camp for the first time and it was great! Her friend Esther got to go along and they had a blast.
Jeff went to Scout camp the same week as YW camp, and William had Cub Scout Day Camp that week as well. Which meant that Katie and I went blueberry picking with just the two of us.
Katie insisted that we reenact as much as “Blueberries for Sal” as possible.


Later in August we spent a day touring the Bohem’s Candy Factory with some friends. It had been a couple years since our previous visit, and still had the same crazy combination of delicious and crazy-eccentric.


Here we are with the friends who came along
After the candy factory, we lunched in a park in South Seattle (where the Blue Angels were flying just above for their Seafair appearance) then tried out Sweet Bumpas Ice Cream. Check out the crazy flavors on the menu board! I had a “Hokey Pokey,” which was a honeycomb flavor
After the ice cream we met Aunt Kristen at her studio and got a little tour. Eleanor was invited to stay with Kristen & Sven for the weekend, lucky girl!
Giant embroidery robot. It’s putting sequins on the fabric.
The kids found a wastebin full of zipper remnants and thought they were hilarious. They spent time pretending they were fake moustaches.
The next morning we met Eleanor and Kristen at SAM to see the Yayoi Kusama “Infinity Mirrors” art exhibit
I bought the tickets for this months in advance — they sold out very quickly. There were several little “infinity rooms” to experience, and we had to wait in line for each one, like Disneyland


The exteriors of the rooms were mirrored, which made for silly times while waiting in line
In this room, you just peek inside instead of entering
This is what the inside looks like. The lightbulbs blink and change colors. The heat was kind of intense, which seems appropriate
We were only allowed 30 seconds in most of the rooms, so pictures were kind of hastily snapped. In one room, the artist requested no photographs at all, and there was a museum guard to enforce that rule.
This is the famous “Obliteration Room,” where visitors are given a sheet of stickers to put on any surface. No time limit for this room, and no lines, either. But — you weren’t allowed to take any of the stickers home. They HAD to be used before you could leave (well . . . they weren’t enforcing it much beyond the honor system, so  . . . there are probably Kusama stickers on eBay or something)

20170805_153046 copy

This is probably my favorite of the infinity rooms. The lights blinked and flickered; it really created the illusion that you were floating in a sky of stars and lanterns. It’s referencing the Japanese custom of floating lanterns to honor ancestors. Beautiful.


Getting silly with the sculptures between the different rooms


Someday . . . SOMEDAY I will have a photo where all four of them are making nice, polite faces. 

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