The Thanksgiving That Halted This Blog In Its Tracks

Confession Time: I’m writing this post on August 26, 2018. I’m post-dating it so that it still shows up in chronological order on the blog, but in reality: these events happened 9 months ago.

Last Thanksgiving was such a packed-to-the-gillzzzz funtime extravaganza that when I returned home, trying to write about everything seemed just plain daunting.

It done knocked this blog to the ground and left it stunned.

For nine whole months.

But I’d like to make amends and give it the Old College Try.


Thanksgiving 2017 was spent at the Newey grandparents’ home. Featuring all the Greatest Hits!

Roll making!




Over-the-top table decs!


Which included lots of these little waxy pumpkins and my children were way fascinated with lining them up and stacking them.


Carbs! With a side of carbs!



Backyard bocce!


And taking food to Uncle Alex, who was working at the Emergency Room that evening. (Fun fact I learned: lots of people cut their hands up when they try to carve turkey.)


In other words: a highly satisfactory Thanksgiving weekend was enjoyed by all.

The next day, we trundled down to Provo. Brian’s brother Michael was in town with his family, and so Kathryn decided to Up the Fun Quotient by signing us all up for an Escape Room adventure.

I admit I was skeptical of this activity. I thought I’d be relegated to the background while the more competitive among us rushed forward to solve the puzzles.


But to tell the truth, every person there found something to contribute, even my kids. (Even me!) The game scenario involved trying to shut down the lab of a mad scientist. I was impressed with the variety of props and puzzles. Good job, Getout Games!


Then we headed back to the grandparents’ house to decorate the Christmas tree and partake of the epic pie and ice cream flavors Caitlin invented for the holiday. And snuggle new baby cousins. Mmmm, baby cousins.


However, the real blog-killer of the weekend was what happened the following day: the Santa Claus Tea Party at the Grand America.





Yes, we had done it the year before, but I was eager to do it again. Such deliciousness! Much sugar! My only hope is that Katie is old enough that she will be able to retain a memory of the occasion. I know it’s kinda corny, but I really love it.


The one funny story of the day was when Santa arrived to listen to what the kids wanted for Christmas. Cousin June simply said “a pizza.” One of the hotel managers overheard, and then went to the kitchen to have a little mini pizza made just for her so her wish could come true right then. Which is pretty darn adorable.


Meanwhile, Eleanor was debating whether or not she should bother visiting Santa at all. Caitlin challenged her to do so simply because the candy canes the kids got were enormous. This was apparently the tipping point. Anything for a humongo candy cane.


We also spent time doing the hotel’s holiday scavenger hunt, seeing the giant gingerbread house, and browsing the boutique toy shop. (William was so cute with this penguin that Santa made sure a similar toy appeared in his stocking that Christmas.)


Afterwards, we changed back into casual clothes, and Brian picked us up to go see a screening of “Coco.”

However, on the way out of downtown SLC, we noticed a perfect parking spot right by Temple Square, so we spontaneously decided to stop for a moment and stroll around. We don’t always get to visit Temple Square on our trips to Utah (seeing as none of our family live all that close to SLC) so this was a fun treat.


And yeah . . . Coco made all of us get misty-eyed. Darn you, Pixar.


We arrived back home with just enough time to decorate our own Christmas tree.

Once again, the children insisted that the placement of the silver star required a group effort.



And much silliness reigned.

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