Spring Break Roundup

Since we had no money or vacation days to spend on a trip for spring break, we did the following instead:

  • Two lunches with Grandma N. at McDonald’s
  • One viewing of Mirror, Mirror with Grandma S. (Cute show, go see it)
  • Seven viewings each of two bootlegged episodes of The Legend of Korra
  • Innumerable poses in front of innumerable daffodils at Red Butte Gardens
  • ANNNNNND . . .
  • One stroller slump
  • Two animal costumes at the Natural History Museum of Utah

  • Three kids in one fossil footprint

  • Four kids in the dinosaur dig sandbox
  • Three older siblings shouting “NO, KATIE!” whenever Katie put sand in her mouth
  • Many, many laughing mothers whenever the above happened

  • One dramatic pose in front of a mural (Eleanor requested that I take this photo of her.  She’s very much into “setting a scene”)

  • Three kids on the zoo carousel.  (We didn’t see any animals at the zoo that day.  Just the carousel, the train, and the playground.  Eh, that’s why we have a zoo membership, right?)

  • Three kids popping their heads up in the zoo’s prairie dog exhibit (Eleanor was nice enough to give William a boost so he could see out)

  • One baby next to one giant spider

  • Four adorable kids in an eggshell . . .


. . . and absolutely NO CHORES for the whole week (excepting piano and math practice).  Hooray and Happy Easter!

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